Here at By The Lake Dental, we have state-of-the-art technology in order to ensure we provide you with the best dental care possible. This technology is all used regularily by our team, so you will get to experience it. Have a look at what some of what we have to offer below!

iTero Scanner – iTero Element®

The compact iTero Element® digital scanning system is a state-of-the-art system with many capabilities. This scanning system is extremely fast and accurate due to the ability to scan while in motion. The produced image is in depth and in colour, and thanks to the gyroscopic technology, the custom model can be rotated while on the screen, in front of you. iTero® is designed to work along side Invisalign, including the ability to simulate the outcome of the orthodontic treatment in front of you.

Trios® Scanner – Digital Scanner

With the Trios® scanner from 3Shape®, we bring the full scan to you, while still in the chair. Trios’s® digital scan is more accurate and faster than the traditional bite pads, meaning you can have a better job done, in a shorter amount of time. With this scanning system we can create the needed appliances from crowns to bridges, and much more all in house. This means a lower cost to you, the patient. But to fully understand how great this technology is, come into our office and experience it for yourself.

Single Tooth Anesthesia® (STA)

Have things to do after your visit with us? With our Single Tooth Anesthesia system there is no collateral numbness, it is only directly in the area it needs to be. This means you will not have to deal with numb lips or tongue after their visit, and can continue on with your day as normal. This system allows us to provide the you with maximum comfort, as it is discomfort-free.  The STA delivers the anesthesia at the right rate, based on tissue density from a pen with a very small needle at the tip. This ensures the right amount of anesthesia is always used, and is much less intimidating for you than a normal needle.

Canary System®

The Canary System® is a laser system which allows us to detect tooth decay before they would appear on x-ray scans. This system works by shining lasers on each tooth and measuring the light reflected back, in order to provide a trackable “Canary Number” which shows the health of each tooth over time. This system does not require an anesthesia injection, and is completely discomfort-free for the you.

NV Pro3 Microlaser®

Our NV Pro3 Microlaser® is a dental soft tissue diode laser, which is used to remove bothersome soft tissue within the mouth, desensitize teeth, and disinfect pockets.  This device makes many procedures possible, from removing tongue tags to gumline maintenance, and so much more.


Velscope ® is an oral tissue exam machine, which aids in the early visualization of many different oral tissue issues. This includes cancer, and pre-cancer which would not be able to be spotted by the naked eye. It is also used to visualize viral, fungal bacterial infections as well as inflammation. With Velscope ® we are able to detect all of these issues and prepare the necessary care plan or referral based on your needs.