Your Dental Team

Your By The Lake Dental team is comprised of general practitioners, specialists, hygienists, assistants and patient concierges, who are committed to providing you with a comfortable experience while understanding your dental goals and immediate needs, with consideration to your financial and time constraints. We are dedicated to making your visit to By The Lake Dental, an efficient and effective experience, for you and your family members.


Dr. Patricia Khamis-Silva, DDS 

Dr. Patricia Khamis-Silva has been practicing dentistry since 1994. She originally graduated in São Paulo, Brazil, where she worked for 10 years, running her own general family practice with a focus on cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Patricia also worked as an assistant professor in the area of Prosthodontics in parallel to obtaining a Master’s Degree in TMJ Dysfunctions (Temporal Mandibular Joint) from São Paulo School of Medicine. In 2009, Dr. Patricia graduated from the University of Western Ontario, Schulich School of Dentistry - International Trained Dentists Program. Upon completion of her degrees, Dr. Patricia worked as an associate at 2 dental locations in Toronto, while planning and building By The Lake Dental, in order to do dentistry right.

After several years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Patricia saw the results her patients desired could be better achieved with orthodontic treatment, prior to any cosmetic treatment. Due to this, over the last six years, she has focused her academic education in orthodontics with the Rondeau Seminars, POS Orthodontics, American Academy of Orthodontics, and Invisalign while participating in several conferences throughout North and South America. Dr. Patricia’s recent studies have fully qualified her for First Phase (pre-braces preparation for kids), fixed braces, Invisalign and other appliances which will help patients with their orthodontic needs. With Invisalign, Dr. Patricia has been part of a small sub group of 30 dentists, under the coaching of Dr. David Galler. Dr. Galler is an Elite Invisalign Provider in Manhattan. He also leads and instructs the training of dentists on how to master Invisalign. This study group is sought after by dentists across the United States and Canada, and she is thrilled to be part of it. While not practicing dentistry or orthodontics, Dr. Patricia loves to spend time with her family, doing arts & crafts. She also enjoys cooking. 

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Dr. Afson Ferdosmakan, DDS 

Dr. Afson Ferdosmakan has been practicing dentistry for over 23 years. Her formal education was completed at Aarhus University in Denmark, where she practiced for five years. Following this, Dr. Afson moved to the United Kingdom, working for herself in Bedford England, building a successful practice over a 15-year period. Strong family ties in Canada attracted her and her family to immigrate here. In 2014, she successfully completed her National Dental Examining Board requirements, successfully receiving her Canadian Dental license.

Dr. Afson’s rich academic background and years of experience working with paediatric to geriatric patients and all patients in between, is true to her passion for dentistry. Although she enjoys all areas of general dentistry, she has a special interest for cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. With her experience living in several different countries and experiencing different cultures, further supports her compassion when treating patients. As a member of the By The Lake Dental team, she is a testament to our patient centric philosophy.

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Dr. Andrea Tagliaferro, DDS 

Dr. Andrea Tagliaferro graduated in 1999 from one of Brazil's top dental schools, practising general dentistry extensively for several years, prior to moving abroad. She also has a Masters of Science in the study of Genomic Sciences and Biotechnology. When Dr. Andrea moved to Toronto, she worked with scientifc research at Mount Sinai Hospital, while she prepared herself for the National Dental Examination Board of Canada. In 2016, she successfully completed her Dental Board requirements, receiving her dental accreditation to practice in Canada.
Dr. Andrea loves all aspects of dentistry and has a specific interest in endodontics and cosmetic dentistry. She believes that a beautiful smile is a universal language. She loves her profession and continuously strives to improve her skills to offer the best level of care for her patients.
In her spare time, she loves to read a good book, hike a beautiful trail, practice yoga and travelling with her husband.
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Dr. Jim Hyland, DDS 

Dr. Jim has always been an early adopter and an innovator when it comes to implementing the latest techniques based on the newest scientific research. His passion for dentistry is apparent and he regularly publishes articles and lectures internationally.

After practicing for many years, Dr. Jim puts emphasis on building relationships and treating the root cause of his patients' problems, not just the symptoms. He believes in educating his patients on the link between their mouth and their overall body health. Dr. Jim's focus is on wellness and minimal invasive care for the patients' teeth and gums. Dr. Jim graduated from the University of Toronto in 1976, and  subsequently, enjoys teaching there and at George Brown and Seneca Colleges.

Dr. Jim is also active as a volunteer. For over 30 years, he has participated in two local dental societies, serving as president twice. 

In 2008, Dr. Jim was the first dentist to use an antibiotic/antifungal rinse to treat gum disease and breath odour. This was the start of OraVital, which he founded and is president. Dr Jim helped develop and uses the OraVital system to treat oral infections such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, bad breath, implantitis and cavities in addition to traditional therapies. 

When Dr. Hyland is not working he enjoys spending time with his family, and grandchildren up at his cottage in Haliburton. He has been married to his wife Wendy for 44 years and enjoys finding time to run with his Dalmatian Roxy. 

Dr. Jim believes your mouth is the gateway to your body's health. Make your appointment today to talk with Dr. Jim, to see how he and the By The Lake Dental Scarborough team can help you.
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Dr. Gloriana Ramirez, DDS 

Dr. Gloriana Ramirez has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years. She graduated in 1994 from one of Venezuela’s top dental schools, Central University of Venezuela. She obtained her master’s Degree in Paediatric Dentistry from the same school 5 years later. Dr. Gloriana moved to Canada in 2015 thanks to family ties, and prepared herself for the National Dental Examination Board of Canada.
In January of 2018, she successfully completed her Dental Board requirements, receiving her dental accreditation to practice in Canada. Dr. Gloriana loves working with children, as that is what her focus was as a dentist in Venezuela. Her kind, nurturing personality, and her fluency in Spanish and English, helps the children feel comfortable in her chair.
When not practicing dentistry, she loves to spend time with her husband and 2 kids, to go jogging and has her certification to teach yoga as well! Contact the office today to schedule your child’s next appointment!
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Dr. Flor Malave, DDS 

Dr. Flor Malave has been practising dentistry since 1999 . She got her first dental degree in Venezuela, her native country. For the first four years of her career, she had the opportunity to work as a general dentist, establishing her own dental practice, and also had the opportunity to work at the Venezuelan Military Navy. Looking for new challenges and opportunities in life, Dr. Malave emigrated to Canada with her family in 2003. In 2009, Dr. Malave graduated from the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario.

To ensure her patients receive the best possible care, Dr. Malave participates in yearly continuing education courses to keep abreast of the latest techniques. Dr. Flor practising all aspects of general dentistry but has a special interest in treating young children.

When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Malave loves spending quality time with her husband and three daughters.

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Jun Padua, RDT, DD (Denturist)

Jun Padua has been supporting By The Lake Dental for over two years. He is the principal at PDA, where many of our patient’s lab work is completed. For almost 25 years, Jun has been focused on producing dentures, night guards, veneers, crowns and bridges and many more dental products. By The Lake Dental views this as a strong partnership, allowing us to serve our patients with great results.

Originally from the Philippines, Jun began his dental preparation at Centro Escolar University in Manila, setting the ground work for his dental career. He actively attends continuing education and training courses keeping him abreast of the changes in technology, new techniques and the use of new materials.

Most recently, Jun received his designation as a registered Denturist. He graduated with honours from George Brown College, where he was also the recipient of two prestigious awards – the Myerson Award for excellence in Clinical and Technical Components of the Denturist Program and from Dentsply Canada in the Clinical and Technical component of the Denturist Program.

Jun Padua is an active member of the Denturist Association of Ontario, Denturist Association of Canada and Association of Dental Technologist of Ontario.
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