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By the Lake Dental Smile Gallery

These are just a few examples of our many satisfied patients for various procedures! To see if one of these is an option for you, speak with us on your next visit!
Before After
  • Composite Resin Bonding: This patient had resin bonding done on many teeth, in order to have the smile they desired. Yes, this is actually the same person! Contact us today to get your smile up to date.  
  • Tooth Restoration: This Child chipped off half of their front left tooth! By storing the piece that broke off in milk until the appointment, we were able to repair the tooth using the original piece. The tooth accepted this broken off piece and functions as normal now.  
  • This patient had braces done in order to have the straight teeth that they desired. As seen in the before photo they had a very deep overbite, which is now gone! Ask us on your next visit for a free consultation to see if this an option for you as well.  
  • This patient had Invisalign® treatment done in order to achieve the straight smile they desired. As seen in the before picture they had noticeable crowding which has been realigned.  
  • Diastema Closure: This procedure was done using composite resin, in order to fill the gap between the patient's front teeth. We're here to get everyone the smile they deserve, contact us today to get your smile to its full potential! 

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