Bad Breath Treatment

The Oravital™ System

The Oravital™ System is completely safe, easy, non-invasive, and highly effective in the treatment of periodontal disease and bad breath. Oravital™ Clinics know that in addition to examining the gums for bleeding and for pockets, the biofilm in the mouth must be checked for harmful bacteria. Once the infection is treated, the mouth begins to heal.

There are five steps in the Oravital™ System:

1. Screening

The mouth is examined for visible dental problems. Samples of bacteria from the tongue, throat and teeth are sent to a microbiology laboratory to identify the types, locations and levels of the oral bacteria. This comprehensive report guides the treatment and maintenance for each individual.

A detailed assessment of contributing factors identifies the cause of the infection. Another important factor is diet -- for example, insufficient Vitamin C and antioxidants may contribute to bleeding gums.

2. Treatment

Treatment consists of targeting those bacteria and amoeba (parasites) that are causing infection. Oravital™ topical antibiotic rinses are used short term to reduce harmful bacteria and restore microbial balance in the mouth. These antibiotic rinses are prepared to achieve a healthy balance of oral bacteria.

3. Evaluation

Following the two week treatment, the condition of the mouth is evaluated and the amount of healing is noted. Microbiology tests are repeated to check for any remaining harmful bacteria and medications designed to treat local areas are used to achieve further healing.

4. Maintenance

Regular dental hygiene appointments and good oral home care are essential for a stable, healthy mouth. Our special mouthwashes are designed to gently balance the biofilm and are used on a daily basis along with effective brushing and cleaning between the teeth.

5. Retesting

We recommend using Oravital™ microbiology testing at least once a year to check if bacteria are in balance. If harmful bacteria are increasing, it indicates that the infection may return and retreatment may be required.

Our success speaks for itself. Oravital™ assessment and treatment methods can control gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontitis.

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