Cosmetic Dentistry

A beutiful smile will allow you to be your confident self and keep on smiling! At By The Lake Dental, whatever your concern about your smile is, we have many different cosmetic dentistry options to best suit your needs!

Veneers – Direct and Indirect

We understand different patients have different needs, and budgets and that is why we offer both direct and indirect veneers to help your smile be its best! Generally speaking direct veneers are usually the less expensive option, and indirect veneers last longer but are more expensive. Indirect veneers take 2 visits and are lab made, custom for you, using our scanner technology. They are typically made with porcelain which looks natural and is long lasting. Direct veneers however only take 1 visit and are done directly by the dentist with composite resin (a type of bonding). Both of these options are customizable to match the tooth shade appropriately, and give you your beautiful smile back. Ask your dentist on your next visit to see if either of these are the right option for you!


Bonding to a tooth for cosmetic and functional purposes generally does not require a 2nd trip to the dentist as everything is completed in the chair. Usually this a less expensive option, since the lab is not needed and that has additional supply, labour and shipping costs. Bonding is used for many different cosmetic purposes, such as but not limited to: gap closures, chipped tooth repair, direct veneers, discolouration, reshaping teeth and protecting tooth’s root if the gum line recedes. We shade match the resin based off your teeth, in order to allow a natural look for your teeth. Take a look at our Smile Gallery for some examples of our great bonding work.

Diastema Closures (Gap between front teeth)

This procedure is a specific type of bonding procedure where gaps in patient’s front teeth are filled in. This is done using a composite resin that matches your specific tooth shade in order to ensure a natural looking smile. See our Smile Gallery for an example of this procedure. Ask us for more information on this procedure on your next visit, to see if it is right for you!