At Home Care

Care of Your Gums

Daily flossing, the use of the Water Pik® system or the use of GUM® picks is crucial to maintaining your dental health, as it reaches places in your mouth a toothbrush simply cannot. This is an important foundation for healthy gums, leading to a healthy mouth and body.  We recommend the Water Pik® system, as it is 2x more effective than flossing and provides the best results.  Ideally floss, use the Water Pik® or use GUM® picks 2 times a day, before brushing. When using the Water Pik® system, follow the instructions provided with the machine, or ask your hygienist for more information. When flossing, gently slide the floss under the gumline, and wipe the tooth base to tip 2-3 times. Ensure to floss both sides of every tooth to do a proper, thorough job and keep your gums healthy! With GUM® picks, simply gently massage the gums in between each tooth, making sure to cover the gumline area thoroughly.

Care of Your Teeth

Of course, it is important to brush your teeth and gums 2 times a day using a soft bristled toothbrush, as it is safer for your gums. We recommend that you use an electric toothbrush. If using a manual toothbrush, make sure to brush in a circular motion, brushing away from the gums (top down for top set of teeth, bottom-up for the bottom set of teeth.) An electric toothbrush will have this circular motion programmed in to be more effective and efficient. Ensure to brush the gumline as well as the teeth. Make sure to take your time while brushing, a thorough job typically takes from 2-3 minutes.

Overall Care of Your Mouth 

Ensure to clean your tongue as well, by brushing it starting from the back and moving towards the front. You can buy a special tongue scraper, or simply use your toothbrush. We also recommend that you rinse with mouthwash every time after brushing your teeth, in order to give the mouth an overall cleanse from bacteria that you may not get otherwise. Minimalize sugary foods that you eat, and when you eat them ensure to rinse your mouth out after to stop the sugar from decaying your tooth enamel.  

Hygiene Appointment

At By The Lake Dental, overall health starts in the mouth. Studies show the link between oral health and your overall health, the bacteria in your mouth can spread and affect other parts of your body. Our hygienists help prevent problems before they happen, and demonstrate how to effectively maintain your dental health at home. This is important, since you clean your teeth everyday and are the biggest contributor to your oral health. We will show you the bacteria in your mouth with a rinse, and help you remove it yourself, to ensure that you are able to have good at home maintenance. We also offer Plaque HD® toothpaste, which can highlight areas to focus on, when brushing at home.

Our hygienists are also trained on how to use all of our state-of-the-art technology meaning that you experience the most up-to-date dental care every visit. We also offer halitosis (chronic bad breath) treatment through our OraVital® system. We use fluoride varnish at your visits, to prevent tooth decay and help rebuild your enamel, and this is up to 30x more effective than fluoride mouthwash. When we help desensitize your mouth, we do it in different ways, depending on what is right for the patient. We can do it with our NV PRO3 microlaser®, the fluoride varnish or with special at home products for you to use.

Our care is specialized to every different patient, as every person has different dental health needs. Some products work well for certain patients, while others will be a better option for different patients. We offer Orthodontic work right at our offices, and for patients currently using orthodontic appliances it is important to use the Water Pik® system as an alternative to flossing, and to have fluoride treatments done more regularly.

All of this is of course on top of the standard hygiene appointments that you would be used to. We remove plaque and tarter in the mouth while you are here, and take the needed x-rays or scans and interpreting them to be relevant to your dental hygiene. We measure the attachment of your gums to your teeth, which is known as probing. We can also polish your teeth to remove stains if needed. Quite simply, we do what you’re already used to and so much more, which is why we are different.